Moon in Venus is a collaborative project with Rule of Threes, Venus Charity, artists Jeanne van Heeswijk, Fauziya Johnson and Phoebe Bachman. Working together with women at Venus Charity in Liverpool, we seek to reclaim financial forecasting to benefit all people. With a focus on personal debt, we've been working together to understand why debt is so pervasive in our society, how we navigate our own personal finances, and what are the ways we can help others in Bootle overcome shame to organize collectively around indebtedness.
In Spring 2022, the Moon in Venus shop opened at Bootle Strand, north of Liverpool. From the 8th March, we took over a vacant shop unit in the Strand Shopping Centre to amplify Venus’s Money Management programme and deliver energy-saving advice, making their services more accessible to women in need. Alongside practical support, we delivered a holistic programme focused on looking beyond our debt and living well, as well as learning opportunities around the historical, political, social and economic context of debt and how we got to the position we are in. 
The shop ran for a month long pilot alongside a social media campaign to raise visibility of the debt and energy crisis and highlight the work of our collaborators — a network of local women, community partners, grassroots activists, healers and artists.​​​​​​​
The ‘Moon in Venus’ programme is built around three ideas for living well with debt, developed by artist Phoebe Bachman. Access: to help understand laws, organise against unfair debt, and find financial support; Embodied Healing: caring for our own and each other’s mental and physical health and spirituality, and Learning: to better understand the social systems behind our debt.
If you have ever experienced debt, you are invited to take part in our series of ‘out of opening hours’ healing and learning events, to improve your mental health, make new friends and tell your stories in a safe and creative space.