Facilitation requests can be sent through BetweenSpace
BetweenSpace offers a range of facilitation services to help deliver welcoming and engaging group activities both in person and online. Expert facilitation is an important part of creating successful group dynamics which can extend to incubating new ideas to fine tuning governance protocols. My own experience is grounded in community engagement and I take extra care to make sure stakeholders are valued and included in important decisions within the facilitation process. Organizations often realize creating peer-to-peer interaction is an integral part of their development but can lack the resources, support, and guidance needed to help shape and deliver these activities. Additionally, COVID-19 has forced many workplaces to adopt new digital tools and hybrid ways of working. We can help think through this transition and offer accessible ways to keep a dynamic relational environment. 
Facilitation services include, workshop planning, group moderation, group agreements, governance and decision making processes, community engagement. Scenarios include, private or public workshops, in house training, event facilitation and moderation, consultation, on-going community-led project development. If there is a need for multiple facilitators, we work with an informal team of accomplished partners who can be brought on board to help guide the process.